Interregnum Update News

Dear All,

We have officially entered the Interregnum phase for our Church and as explained in January’s edition of the Bridge we will be providing an update each month during this interregnum period.

The wardens and lay readers have been busy with arrangements to cover the various church services and, with all this in hand now we can be assured that a full programme of worship will continue at our church.

As mentioned in last month’s news letter the PCC has been considering a ‘swot analysis’ (an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for Emmanuel as we make preparations for the parish profile. The PPC’s reflections have been collated on to ‘flip chart’ sheets which are pinned up at the back of church. Please take a moment to look at the sheets and if you have any comments we encourage you to pass them on to the wardens or feel free to add your comment onto the spare sheet.

Our Deanery Mission and Pastoral committee have recently met to discuss how the clergy posts should be allocated in the deanery over the next five years. Their recommendations have been shared with the deanery synod representatives before being submitted to the diocese for approval. Once we have agreement from the diocese we can move forward in earnest with preparing the parish profile.

Please pray for all the groups who contribute to the deanery plan.

The PCC have held their first meeting of the Interregnum and there was unanimous agreement to work together in a thoughtful and prayerful way to support the wardens, each other and, wider church membership.

We hope you feel able to approach PCC members if there are any questions or points you would like clarification on. We will do our best to answer!

Yours in prayer