The Organs


The Organs

When Emmanuel was consecrated in 1898 the singing was accompanied on a pipe organ loaned by Mr. W. Heald: one of the first Churchwardens

The origins of this organ are not yet known for certain but Mr. Heald had come from Didsbury where, at about the same time, an organ had been replaced in 

St. James Parish Church so it is possible that he had obtained the old St. James’ instrument.    Nothing was known about this organ until, eighty years after it left Emmanuel, its specification and a photograph were discovered in the files of the builders of the new organ.

When the new organ was installed the earlier instrument went to a church in North Shields where it was eventually destroyed by enemy action in the second world war.

The specification of the old organ was:



Open Diapason            8

Keraulophon                8

Stopped Diapason        8

Voix Celestes              8

Principal                      4

Harmonic Flute            4

Twelfth                        22/3

Mixture                        II


Double Diapason         16

Open Diapason            8

Stopped Diapason        8

Principal                      4

Mixture                       III

Cornopean                   8

Oboe                           8


Open Diapason          16


Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Swell to Great

Swell to Great Octave

The present organ, installed in 1914, was built by Harrisons of Durham: one of the country’s most distinguished organ builders whose work is to be found in Westminster Abbey, King’s College, Cambridge and many English cathedrals.   It was rebuilt in 2000, by Rushworth and Dreaper of Liverpool, with a modern electric action but preserving entirely Harrisons’ original tonal scheme with the addition of one stop: the Great Mixture.

It’s specification is:


Gross Geigen             16

Large Open Diapason   8         

Small Open Diapason   8         

Hohl Flute                    8         

Octave                        4         

Wald Flute                   4         

Octave Quint              22/3      

Super Octave              2         


Tromba                      8



Open Diapason            8         

Lieblich Gedackt          8         

Salicional                    8         

Voix Celestes              8         

Gemshorn                   4         

Mixture                      15.19.22

Double Trumpet          16       

Trumpet                       8         

Oboe                           8         

Clarion                         4         




Contra Dulciana           16       

Violin Diapason             8         

Claribel Flute                8         

Viola da Gamba            8         

Harmonic Flute             4         

Clarinet                        8         

Tromba                        8         



Open Wood                 16       

Geigen                        16       

Sub Bass                    16       

Octave Wood               8         

Flute                            8         

Trombone                    16       

Tromba                        8         


6 thumb pistons Great, 6 Swell,

4 Choir
6 toe pistons Pedal, 6 Swell 

reversible thumb pistons to all inter-departmental couplers

All pistons re-assignable using


Digital electric primary action

by Solid State Logic.


Built by Harrison and Harrison 1914

Rebuilt by Rushworth and





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