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On the day

The church will be open from about 1hr before the service is due to begin.

  1. The Groom and Best Man should be at the church at least 45 mins before the service. Please ensure that you are sitting in your seats at least 15 mins before the service is set to begin – when the bridesmaids arrive you should be in your seats.
  2. If you have Ushers it is their duty to see that all guests are in church before the bride arrives – please ensure that they know they should encourage guests to take their seats at least 15 mins before the service. The bride should be seen for the first time as she walks in to church.
  3. Our Verger who is on duty that day assists in giving out orders of service and hymn books – and is usually on duty at the back of church and will assist Ushers if they have any questions.
  4. Allowing for the bride to be 5 mins late the average service takes about 40 – 45 mins. Please remember that whilst we allow a certain degree of lateness for the bride – where possible we would ask that a bride be no more than 5 mins late, remember photographs will need to be taken on arrival and they can add a further 5 – 10mins delay to the start of the service.
  5. The signing of the register takes place in the middle of the service. You and your witnesses will be asked to sign four times – the registers, certificate and a copy of the entry. The bride signs in her maiden name. We get all the paper work completed before handing you over to the photographer for the photographs.
  6. Please note Confetti may be thrown outside but not in front of the church door.
  7. Please also note that we will only allow official photographs to be taken during the marriage service. All photographers must speak to the vicar prior to the service and will be briefed on what is permissable during the service.
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