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(Unless otherwise advertised)


8.30 a.m.

Holy Communion (every week in the Memorial Chapel)
A Communion service in traditional language, using the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. With no hymns (except on Easter Day) or sermon, the service lasts between 30-45mins.

10.30 a.m.
(first & third Sunday) Parish Eucharist
A modern-language Communion service, with hymns and 
sermon, and following a printed Order of Service, it is usually finished by 11.45 a.m.

(second Sunday) All Age & Parade Service
All-age worship, ideal for young families and anyone less familiar with Anglican worship, often led by members of Church youth organisations. “Specials” during the year include Mothering Sunday (March/April), Sunday Club Anniversary (following a Procession of Witness) (July), Harvest (October), Remembrance (November), Toy and Gift Service (December). With well-known hymns and an ‘interactive’ short sermon, this is the shortest morning service, finishing no later than 11.30am


(fourth Sunday) Morning Worship
A non-Eucharistic, modern-language “service of the word” with a sermon, hymns, and metrical Psalms and Canticles sung to familiar tunes. Easy to follow from a printed Order of Service, it is usually finished by 11.30 a.m.


(fifth Sunday) Morning Prayer or Holy Communion

After all 10.30 services, refreshments are served in the Church Hall – everyone is most welcome to come and join us.


6.30 p.m. (4pm January - March)
(first & third Sunday) Evensong
A traditional-language “service of the word” using the Book of Common Prayer, with chanted Canticles and Psalm. This is the most ‘choral’ service and usually includes an anthem, as well as the usual hymns and sermon. It ends between 7.30-7.45 p.m.

(second Sunday) Parish Communion
Using the Book of Common Prayer, this is a similar (traditional-language) service to the one at 8.30 a.m., except that this includes hymns and a sermon. It normally ends around 7.30 p.m.

(fourth) Sunday Messy Church in the Hall at 4pm

a family time with crafts, Bible story, celebration and food.                                               Please see the Messy Church page for more details 

(fifth) Celtic / Taizé Eucharist or Alternative  Service
A quiet, more reflective, modern-language Communion service, with a sermon, an Order of Service largely derived from the Iona Community, and hymns which are often from either Taizé or the Celtic tradition, it usually ends between 7.30-7.45 p.m.



10.30 a.m.
Holy Communion (every week)
Similar to Sunday 8.30 a.m., this traditional-language Communion service uses the Book of Common Prayer. It is held in the Memorial Chapel for most of the year, but in the Church Hall or Centre (where it’s warmer!) during winter months. Finishing before 11.15 a.m., it is followed by refreshments in the Hall, to which everyone is warmly invited.