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The Bells


The tower and bells were dedicated on the sixth anniversary of the laying of the church foundation stone on 19 October 1901, made possible by the generous gift of Dr and Mrs Strickland of Roe Lane in memory of her father. 


The bells of Emmanuel have rung out ever since apart from when ringers were reduced from twelve to two during World War I and of course remaining silent in World War II apart from ringing as a warning of invasion. 


Our ringers today enjoy learning this ancient English art which involves the “basics” of bell-handling and progress to “change ringing” which involves a series of permutations that can form different methods and compositions, and like many other “bellringing teams” we all progress at our own pace with a friendly atmosphere. 


Our present sixteen ringers enjoy membership with the Wigan Branch, which totals 103 members from 18 towers, which involves many events including Branch Meetings, Annual Striking Competitions (Emmanuel achieving 4th place in the final at Silverdale for the Lancashire Association) and many social functions and training days. 


We enjoy a spacious tower with a ring of eight bells, weighing at 630 kg, all cast by Taylors of Loughborough and renovated and re-hung by Taylors in 1979. 


Today, Anglican Churches contain most of the rings to be found in Britain, but a few can be found in Roman Catholic, Non-conformists, Church of Scotland and Church of Ireland churches.  Although church bellringing, as the English know it, is peculiar to the British Isles, it has spread to parts of the commonwealth in particular Australia, Canada and to other countries such as America and South Africa which have been influenced by English traditions. 


At over 400 years old, bellringing has a rich and long history which often reflects many of the major changes the country has also gone through during this time. Recent examples are celebrating the new Millennium and Britain hosting the 2012 Olympics.


If you are interested in learning to ring or just want to see this ‘art in motion’ then contact David Ramsbottom 01704 224742.




On Saturday, 2nd March, two teams from Emmanuel Sunday service band took part in the Branch Striking Competition.  There were six teams in the competition, and Emmanuel's call change band (the less experienced ringers) was very pleased to come fourth.  The change-ringing team came first, an excellent result, and the ringers will go forward to the Lancashire Association final in October. 


On Tuesday, 5th March, a Quarter Peal of 1259 Grandsire Triples was rung for the Wigan Branch Quarter Peal Week by the following:

1  Celia Hughes D'Aeth 

2. Phillip Hope

3. Raymond Woods

4. Edmund Rothwell  

5. Jonathan Williams 

6. David Ramsbottom

7. Colin Woods (Conductor)

8. Mark Siddell

This was Mark's first Quarter Peal for 25 years.  He learned to ring here as a teenager, and having moved back to Southport has rejoined us. We are very pleased to welcome him back.