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Garden of Remembrance.

The Garden of Remembrance at Emmanuel Parish Church has been set aside as a final resting place for the cremated remains of loved ones.  We want it to be a place of peace and tranquility and we therefore ask that you respect the garden at all times and that you adhere to the rules laid down by the Church of England and the Parochial Church Council.  These rules are set out below and your co-operation would be appreciated.

Garden of Remembrance

  1. Only memorial stones agreed by the Vicar and PCC are permitted in the Garden of Remembrance.


  1. Only one vase of flowers is permitted on each memorial. A simple vase is provided by the church. Any vase used must have a spike to secure it in the ground. No glass, pottery, metal or other kinds of container are allowed. There is an area against the wall (Emmanuel Road) where additional vases may be placed.


  1. Water for flowers can be obtained from the water butt situated near to the church at the top of the steps from the garden.


  1. A bin is provided at the rear of the church in the car park for rubbish.


  1. Fresh flowers are preferred throughout the year. Silk flowers may be allowed during winter months (November – March) and occasionally longer by prior agreement with the vicar. Silk flowers will be removed if they are either faded or not considered to be 'seasonal' or ‘natural’ in colour (e.g. silk daffodiles would not be allowed in November). It is acceptable to place an artificial Christmas wreath on a grave, but this must be removed by the end of January, a poppy wreath is also allowed where appropriate.  The church is in the process of contacting people with plots at the garden where artificial flowers have been placed.  


  1. Potted plants are not acceptable, neither is the planting of flowers, bulbs or shrubs.


  1. No cards, photographs, balloons, wind chimes, pottery figures, windmills, solar powered lights, candles or other ornaments are allowed in the memorial garden.

Please note that any items other than a single vase will be removed and kept at the church for no more than 14 days.


The Baby Garden

Out of respect for other parents with children buried in this area you are asked not to leave any tributes, potted plants, silk flowers, teddy bears, toys, angels or other such items (as above No. 7). As of 1st September 2012 you are asked to leave no more than a small bunch of fresh flowers (a single fresh flower is also permitted). Other items will be removed.


 Reverend Irene Cowell, Vicar.    

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